Hair accessories are not toys. Please follow our safety guide below to ensure both you and your child have a positive experience whilst using out products: 

  • Never leave your baby or child unsupervised whilst wearing our bows. 

  • Always remove bows whilst sleeping, in car seats or at times when you cannot directly see your child

  • Please inspect products regularly - products will wear over time and it is possible for small parts to become loose

  • Do not allow children to put any hair accessory in their mouth 

  • Always ensure the product your child is wearing is suitable for their age and hair type. We are more than happy to advise on this where we can.


Please follow our care tips to prolong the life of your bows:

  • Always remove your bows from the plastic packaging. Bows ideally should be stored in a box or flat surface. 

  • Avoid getting bows wet

  • Regularly 'puff' the loops of your bows. Gently push against the loops of your bows to stop them going flat. This is especially important for felt bows.